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Comfort Home Construction Kft. is a general contractor company strives to solve all needs in construction with seamless execution. With more than 7 years of professional experience, we welcome our returning and new clients. The aim of our company is to provide an outstanding, all-round service that is tailored specifically to our clients' needs while creating their dream home.


As a boutique company, we provide a more personal service and atmosphere by devoting adequate time and attention to getting to know our clients' needs and their property. Numerous times we have proven to exceed expectations by providing unique ideas and experience.


Recognizing the needs of our customers and preserving the value of their investments, COMFORT HOME CONSTRUCTION Kft. provides the highest quality in all projects. To all our colleagues  excellence is our expectation. We consider most important to provide our clients with unparalleled quality and on-time delivery at competitive prices. Our dedication and attention to detail also contribute greatly to our uniqueness.


Our company helps families to achieve their true home in a special, unique and complex way. Not only we take the difficulties associated with the renovation off of our client's back, but we also provide them with expert help, continuous contact and insights that creates trust between the contractor and the client. So the work that satisfies unique needs in terms of functionality and beauty is realized without the need to be worry or feeling stressful.


We maintain outstanding professional relationship with a team of interior designers, landscape designers, engineers, architects and other experts, therefore we nurture a project from the birth of an idea to the complete implementation. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from garden planning to the construction of the roof. However, the right number of employees and the professional background are not enough, it is necessary to coordinate the different types of work and, in some cases, to cooperate with an inspector. In addition, we guarantee our work, paying special attention to cleanliness and the preservation of valuables from the first minute to handover, be it furniture or items that are not included in the concept, but it is necessary to maintain their condition.



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My name is Andras Weber,  and I was born in Budapest. After graduating from high school I lived in Hungary, then in England and the US for ten years. I have a masters degree in economics, previously worked in the public sector, and at multinational companies, but in addition to the human factor, I lacked the freedom to create, so I always thought about starting my own business, which I opened in 2017.

I have been involved in construction for the seventh year now, during which time we have remodeled, renovated or built the properties of more than a hundred satisfied clients overseas and in Hungary. My main is goal is to create a valuable construction company not only performs, remodels or builds on-time, but also provide their clients with calmness, accuracy and safety.

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